We do not treat you as our client, but as our partner. We invest our stake in yours and work towards a common goal. We understand the importance of Supply Chain Management to the success of your business

Industrial Procurement

  1. Fiscal Metering Skids
  2. High Pressure Gas Skids
  3. Pipeline & Corrosion Protection Systems
  4. Valves; Motorized, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Manual (Ball, Plug, Globe, Butterfly)
  5. Loading Arms; High Pressure Gas, Cryogenic (LNG, Ethylene), Chemicals, Petroleum
  6. Control Systems
  7. Cables & Cable Trays
  8. Venting and Heating Systems; Stacks, Heat Exchangers
  9. Off-Shore Piles
  10. Rotary; Pumps, Compressors
  11. Lighting System
  12. Instrumentation & Metering; Pressure, Temperature, Flow (Coriolis, Turbine, Ultrasonic, Orifice), Level
  13. Spare Parts
  14. Consumables; Stud Bolts, Gaskets, Electrodes, Sleeves.
  15. Drilling Equipment and its Rental.

Supply Chain Management

  1. Industrial Sourcing; Sourcing Of Suppliers from raw products to finished products
  2. Customs Clearance; Vehicles, Palm Oil, Plant Equipment & Machinery, Oil-Related by products
  3. Shipping & Freight Forwarding; Sea and Air freight for your FOB deliveries
  4. Expediting Services; Our Engineers visit manufacturing plants to expedite production of Ordered Goods
  5. Legal Consultancy; Customs & Sales Tax pertaining matters
  6. Sourcing Of Buyers; Locating potential markets and buyers by participating in tenders and meeting with stakeholders to Develop your Business.
Supply Chain Management


  1. Project / Contract Management
  2. Preparation of Request For Proposals (RFP) /Invitation To Bids (ITB) / Expression Of Interest (EOI)
  3. Preparation and Vetting of Budgeting, Costing & Financial Models
  4. Outsourcing of Scope of Works
  5. Completing of Technical Specifications through basic engineering
  6. Screening Studies
  7. Pre-FEED Works
  8. QRAs / Simulation Studies